Vaccination, virucidal nasal spray, Corona with and without vitamin D

Vaccination, virucidal nasal spray, Corona with and without vitamin D

Lorenz Borsche, May 9, 2021

Corona is still dangerous. Quote from an eMail from TM to me on 24.04.2021:

That's nice that you think of me, that makes me very happy. I would return the favor and write you the days times briefly, how my family and I have survived the Corona infection so far. - My wife and I are in extended quarantine until Monday. We have significantly increased our vitamin D levels, but I am ambivalent about the results. It hit us pretty hard. My brother, who did not pay attention to it, but even more, he is artificially respirated for over two weeks in the intensive care unit.

TM is 57, his brother 54, no pre-existing comorbidities! We had been in contact because of my TP articles on Corona and vitamin D last year, and I had written to him about my new book (also on vitamin D, among other things). So here is a real life example: with vitamin D a much less severe course. It's clearly better than nothing, but it shouldn't stop anyone from getting a vaccine who can get it. TM still writes "ambivalent" here? Well, maybe there was some idea that with vitamin D you wouldn't getany symptoms. That's not so, otherwise it would have been easy and probably unstoppable. But it's a matter of more or less bad. Further below details from TM on this, including this quote:

yes, I think the elevated vitamin D levels helped us stay out of the hospital.

And the brother was eventually ventilated for 4 weeks, but fortunately survived.

What else you can do before you are vaccinated to not get infected or even next winter, why we have to expect a flare-up there again despite vaccinations, what the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) recommends and what I would do myself in case of infection, is all below chapter by chapter. Please don't get infected just before holidays finally become possible again.

I'm sure you're tired of worrying facts about Corona, we'll get through the few weeks until vaccination, won't we? You're not the only one who thinks that. I do too. But blocking out reality isn't helpful, and even if it only spoils a few people's long-planned holiday: a Corona infection is no fun, even if you're under 60. See above!

Therefore, in this order:

What can protect against infection (whether vaccinated or not): about virucidal nasal spray and mouth rinses, emails, article links, and the DGKH PDF on this.

A doctor who works at the hospital and occasionally has to help out on the Corona ward wrote to me:

After exposure gargle with Listerine or Betaisodona (which I dilute to the recommended 0.23%) and Algovir nasal spray. With the program you could certainly have prevented some suffering and could still...

I'll get back to you on that:

Algovir also appears in my book, where did *you* get this tip? I know from my own experience that it helps [against rhino and flu viruses], even if you are already infected and notice something about it.

And him again:

You won't believe it, but the DGKH has been recommending this since December:

So far, the word has hardly gotten out. It was not worth a report to the DÄB. There on the subject of nasal spray only an experimental fusion inhibitor... ...while the fact-checkers have gone out of their way to deny the effectiveness of gargling and spraying. I don't get it. Does the campaign look to deprive people of hope of effective prophylaxis/therapy at all costs so as not to jeopardize AHA and vaccine compliance? I can't get on board with that.

I would like to emphasize: he is neither a critic of masks nor of vaccination, definitely not. And DÄB is the German Medical Journal.

In the meantime, however, things have started to move. But because the prophet is not valid in his own country, Israeli researchers had to get involved first:

New lead in the search for drugs: researchers want to stop coronaviruses at an early stage - in the nose

Israeli scientists are testing drugs against Sars-CoV-2 that are said to work before the virus strikes.

SPIEGEL writes here, behind the paywall of course. I have commented on it there like this:

You can buy this stuff for years and it is called "carragen containing nasal spray". The German society for hospital hygiene DGKH recommends it beside virucidal mouth rinses (menthol-containing ones are supposed to be particularly effective).

Carrageenan is extracted from red algae and is normally used as a thickening agent in food, although there is also criticism (short-chain carrageenan is said to be harmful in the intestine). This should be excluded with the small amounts via nasal spray.

Studies show that carrageenan spray leads to an 80% reduction in the viral load and I know of teachers who have kept themselves cold-free over the winter months long before Corona - the trick is the algae mucus, which lays protectively over the mucous membrane. The carrageenan content is so low that the liquid appears water clear and not a bit viscous. Has even sprayed away incipient colds for me. No joke is the price: something about 12 € for about 1 month 2x tgl spray. If you say "algae" and "nasal spray" in the pharmacy, the pharmacist probably knows more about it than with "carragenhaltig".

Or demand Algovir right away. The FOCUS has the much better article on this:

Promising studies: risk reduced by 80 percent: Researchers recommend nasal spray as corona defense

Can a simple nasal spray reduce the risk of corona? Yes, says at least Ulrich Schubert from the University Hospital Erlangen. Argentinean and Israeli researchers are also reporting initial successes and are investigating how the virus can be eliminated before it enters the body.(Link)

And the FAZ states:

Those who are fully vaccinated can breathe a sigh of relief. [...] However, whether the vaccinated are also completely immune, as is commonly imagined, is still anything but certain.

The vaccine developers had even expected that even vaccinated people could still become infected. The reason: The mucous membranes of nose and throat, entry port and first habitat of SARS-CoV-2, is much less protected by the antibodies and immune cells. Infections are therefore in principle more likely to occur. [emphasis mine]

What to expect in autumn and why caution is advised despite vaccinations

Of course, everyone hopes that with one vaccination Corona would be finished. This will not be so for several reasons, and if it goes very bad, we have the fourth wave next November. At least by then word will hopefully have spread about what else you can do besides wearing masks - just nasal spray and mouthwashes. Against new infections or re-infections. And what you can do in case of a reinfection (comes in the last part), so that we are spared another lockdown. But why does it start again next autumn?

Firstly, because unfortunately it cannot be hoped that the entire population will have a vitamin D level of 50 ng/ml by then. Secondly, because the active vaccination protection through antibodies or a lived through infection may only last 6 months and thus a re-infection of all those who were vaccinated between January and March could occur from July to September, and thirdly, because the fucking virus mutates. We know this from the flu: it has to be re-vaccinated every year. In the case of Corona, it could be the case that a mutation develops that partially or completely nullifies the vaccination protection. And newer variants are more infectious than old ones, because otherwise they could not displace them; so what prevails is always the more infectious variant. That one doesn't have to be worse, and the best thing would be a super-infectious variant, but one that remains entirely harmless, sniffles or something. But the opposite could also happen: a variant as deadly as Sars or even Mers. Currently we have 3.5 million infected people (PCR-positive) and about 85,000 dead. So 0.25% of all cases of infection end fatally - about 5-10 times more than a "normal" flu without vaccination. With SARS it was 10% and with MERS 30% deaths: a factor of 40 and 120 respectively. Even if vaccination protection could prevent 90% of cases, we would have more problems with the same infections caused by a CoV2-Mers virus than we have today. And the next highly infectious version is already on its way:

B.1.617 considered highly contagious: UK classifies India mutation as "concerning "worrying"

writes the FOCUS here and below:

15 Astrazeneca vaccinees infected in nursing home

According to a media report, 15 people in a London nursing home have also been infected with the mutant. The explosive thing about this: they are said to have been vaccinated twice before with the vaccine from Astrazeneca. As the "Mirror" reports, the affected persons had received the second vaccination dose, however, only a few days before the outbreak. A complete vaccination protection was therefore not yet to be expected.

So don't count too firmly on being able to ski over Christmas. - but if it is possible, it should be fine with me, I had to postpone my booked skiing holiday already twice for one year. But I will definitely book again! :-)

And here are more details from T.M. on Corona with and without vitamin D support:

Hello, Mr. Borsche,

yes, I think the elevated vitamin D levels helped us stay out of the hospital. My brother is three years younger than me, he's 54. No pre-existing conditions, but he had cortisone treatment for his back. Anyway, he ended up first at the local hospital and then a few days later at C hospital. There he was put into a coma and put on artificial respiration. Later a tracheotomy was added, also a side exit. That was at the beginning of May.

His wife also got it pretty badly, the two children were also infected. The son had to go to hospital for a few days, the daughter and his wife stayed at home, but with quite severe symptoms.

My wife and I met with my son and his Japanese wife at Easter with my mother. We did a rapid test, which at first showed nothing, but then showed a very faint pink in my mother. We then repeated the rapid test on her from another manufacturer. It no longer shows anything and we felt reasonably safe. That was a fallacy, because she infected all of us except for my son's Japanese wife.

My son had a milder course and didn't infect his wife. That's amazing. My wife, who is the same age as I am, got it even worse than I did. She didn't have as good a constitution as I did before, though. But we were both flat, had no appetite for anything except half a piece of toast. I went from 95 to 86 kg in 2 weeks, at 1.90 m tall I didn't have too much fat on my body. But that wears out quite a bit, hardly eat anything for weeks, fever, diarrhea, night sweats (mattress and bedspread were wet to wring out), of course also cough, aching limbs and what else is reported by the British variant.

Due to symptoms, our quarantine was extended once more, twice in my case. [...]

While we are all on the mend now, my mom is still infected or re-infected, she just got tested and her count is now at 31. She has also had increased symptoms again for a few days. Needless to say, at 78 years old, she is totally bugged out and done. She's been through this just as hard as we have. But she lives alone, my dad passed away three years ago. A year later she had breast cancer treatment, fortunately very successful. Luckily she is a little better now, the symptoms are not as pronounced, which is lucky.

She had also paid attention to her vitamin D levels, I don't consider that wrong. That's why I suspect it helped all of us. So those who took it, besides me, my wife, my mother, my son.

Why my son's Japanese wife just doesn't get infected is a phenomenon. They didn't live apart, they also slept in the same bed, they didn't wear masks, and yet she didn't get positive. The health department has had her tested multiple times.

[...] In any case, this disease should be taken seriously. What the government and the authorities have delivered in the past year is beneath contempt. It's all about vaccinations, but one should also think about medication to make the disease go more smoothly. As a sick person, you are pretty much left to your own devices.

We keep the mask on, even though they still don't check what pollutants you're whistling in.

Best regards!

Hello Mr. Borsche!

[...] My brother has been making huge progress for a few days. After a good four weeks in a coma, he actually breathed on his own for most of the day. He has a tracheotomy after all and some kind of device has been connected to him, with which he can now also speak. He actually thought he had only slept one night. He wanted to get up and go home. He asked where his Lamborghini was. Of course, all that was missing was a stinkin' mid-size car. He couldn't remember that he owned a specialty shop either. But all these are probably normal side effects after a coma. So it's developing very well and quite quickly, the doctors said. Since then, my mother is also a little better, the psyche of course also plays a role.

I am really looking forward to the book and am quite excited.

Best regards!

Nobody wants that, right? Except the dream of the Lambo maybe ;-)

What I would do if I tested PCR positive or already had symptoms.

First of all: I have been vaccinated with Moderna since this morning. The vaccination center was, unlike the stupid appointments in BaWü, excellently organized, I was through after 30 minutes (but have waived the 15 minutes rest after vaccination). Stupid appointment allocation? In Bavaria you register 1x completely and then get an appointment by SMS, done. In BaWü people sit partly many, many hours desperately at the PC to find an appointment, the servers collapse (I was there live), it is a chaos - and that in the highly technical Ländle - a real embarrassment.

But 1x vaccinated is only partial protection. And in November, many of my antibodies may already be gone. And if a variant comes along that cancels out the vaccination protection, I don't want to be there either, even though my vitamin D level of over 70 ng/ml would certainly help me a lot in the course of the disease.

So I will continue to spray Algovir regularly before going out of the house and meeting people. In addition, it was reported to me that a family, which was previously completely nasal spray addicted, due to hay fever (Xylometazolin not only was always in the house, it was also sprayed throughout the year) now by spraying carrageenan nasal spray not only got rid of their the Xylometazolin dependancy, but apparently the algae mucus also binds the ugly pollen – the hay fever seems to be history, the family is downright euphoric to be rid of this plague.

But what if, despite all my precautions, I got infected?

First: only PCR positive, no symptoms (yet). I am currently taking drops with 5,000 IU Vitmain D3 and 200 mcg K2 in MCT oil. And I would double that dose for a good 10 days, so one drop in the morning and one in the evening. I would then even spray Algovir several times a day and back it up with mentholated virucidal mouthwashes to keep it from pulling into the throat and lungs. Nature lovers would brew a strong brew of Cystus tea to use as a mouthwash as well, Cystus is considered bactericidal and virucidal, I would consider that as well if I don't like the mouthwashes available for purchase. Or, perhaps even more practical: suck Cystus pastilles, which you can buy for coughs, for example.

Also, I would drastically increase my intake of vitamin C (currently about 300 mg/day). Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant, and when fighting the virus, cell toxins are produced in the form of oxygen radicals, which the C can neutralize. Unfortunately, since it is water soluble, it is also quickly flushed out. On the other hand, it is practically impossible to overdose it, even doses in the double-digit gram range are not harmful or even toxic. I would use my calcium ascorbate for this, 3 x 1000 mg (1 gram) per day, possibly more. The ascorbate breaks down the calcium and combines with the stomach acid to ascorbic acid, neutralizes some stomach acid in the process, so it is very well tolerated. Ascorbic acid in this amount you would have to drink at least 1 L of water distributed over the whole day and could still get a sour stomach....

Still asymptomatic, just infected: If I can get my hands on it: Hydroxychloroquine. 2 tablets for 5 days, 20 mg zinc with each. Since I myself have really "dissected" the two authoritative studies on the subject of HCQ, Boston/Zurich as well as Oxford "Recovery", I am sure that I will be able to help you. "I am sure that HCQ helps, if it is applied correctly (i.e.: immediately, immediately, immediately (ie: immediately, for no longer than 5 days, with plenty of zinc, and not overdosed) and that all reports of its ineffectiveness are deliberately false. That in turn can only have the reason that it works, but is unfortunately too cheap as a 3rd world drug at about 10€ per pack of 10, otherwise you wouldn't have to deliberately set up big fake studies to prove otherwise. Bad world, but that's the way it is, it was no different with the amazingly accurate CO2 climate change studies that had been in Exxon's vault since the 1980s, and with Oxycontin, which caused a veritable epidemic of addiction in the rust belt of the US with over 100,000 deaths, and the manufacturer Purdue, or the disgustingly money-grubbing Sackler family just the same. In the HCQ case, Remdesivir and the AstraZeneca vaccine should probably be "protected" from a cheap drug....

Then: symptoms (cough, fever etc, as described above). At the latest now HCQ, as above. If necessary or alternatively Ivermectin, if I can find it. In addition again the doctor from above:

For emergencies there are ASA, Ambroxol and Ivermectin in the cupboard. That's not life insurance either, but maybe it helps.

Also with Ivermectin - like HCQ a very cheap 3rd world drug - the effectiveness is officially disputed - and the possible economic reasons behind it could very well be the same. Again, there are virtually no side effects and I won't give up anything that doesn't harm me but might help.

If I do have to be hospitalised, now at the latest is the time for me to ask for the asthma spray Budenosid. After even Mr. Lauterbach called it a game changer, I don't need to elaborate on that now, just google it.

By the way: Who thinks that the gods in white decide about the medication: No, even in the ICU, it is the patient or her authorized representative (by health care proxy) who decides. However, in most cases you have to insist on your right to do so very loudly and emphatically, doctors very often do not like self-determined and well-informed patients.

Closing statement? No, I can't because of the ground fog. Just this: I'm going to have my T-cells and my antibodies tested in three weeks, there's a lot to say about the T-cells, but if you're well supplied with vitamin D, you don't necessarily need to know all that. Except that it is good, because a lot of vitamin D means a lot of T-cells, and the T-cells are the first line of defense, only if they don't make it, antibodies are built (half of all symptom-free PCR-positive people don't have antibodies later, but C-19 specific T-cells, that was found in Stockholm as well as in Jena). T-cell mediated immunity also lasts much longer than antibodies.

And normally, people with good to very good D levels don't have to worry about any risk of thrombosis from vaccination either: again, there is a clear correlation between too low a D level and an increased tendency to thrombosis (translated):

Several studies have also reported the association of vitamin D deficiency with increased incidence of thromboembolism. This may be due in part to its anticoagulant effect through upregulation of thrombomodulin, an anticoagulant glycoprotein, and downregulation of tissue factor, a critical clotting factor.

(Vitamin D and Its Relationship with the Pathways Related to Thrombosis [...])

Anyone who has dealt with vitamin D is not a bit surprised :-)

Stay healthy, don't get infected and all the best!

LB, May 9, 2021