2021 Book publication: Nahrungsergänzung im Selbstversuch
2020 Article publication: Does vitamin D protect against Covid-19?
2018 Book publication: Zucker - Tödliche Versuchung
2011 - 2018 Member of the board of eBuch eG (2017: 850 bookstores with external sales of approx. € 200 million, eBuch central warehouse sales approx. € 120 million)
2007 Development of the market research tool POSIS© for media control

Press conference on POSIS© at Popkomm 2007 with (from right) Prof. Schuster, Dean of Computer Science at Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences, Ulrike Altig and Ralph Kienle, media control, hidden: Moderator Mike Timm, LB:

2006 Market & Customer: The "new" bookstore (Börsenblatt 20/2006)
2005 Concept & development of the web based POS system BELAMI (2007: >90 installations)
2004 - 2007 Start, organisation and support of the ANABEL central warehouse of eBuch e.G.
(2007: >230 connected book stores, external sales € >44 million)
2002 - 2004 Projecting and development of the reference model ANABEL
May/June 2002
& May 2006
Analysis and Critique of the PISA study (PISA 2002 & PISA reloaded 2006)
published among others in SPIEGEL ONLINE
2000-2001 Development and setup of representative market research with real POS-Daten (Retail panel "Buch" of media control / Industry monitor BUCH of BÖV)
2000 Founded the fast-growing booksellers' cooperative eBuch eG, General agent, from 2011 on the board of directors.
1998 Co-development of internet store system with connection to POS/MMS in stationary book retailing (>100 installations)
1994 First statistical study on the supply capability of the four German book wholesalers, published in the industry magazine BuchMarkt
Since 1991 Development of a POS/MMS for bookstores (TANGO, >>120 installations)
1989 - 1995 Various DB and PPS projects, e.g. for Mannesmann-Rexroth (int. pricing for pneumatic pumps), DuPont de Nemours (CAD management), Dornier etc.
End 1989 Self-employed system consultant in Heidelberg
1988 - 1989 Executive assistent at ADI Software GmbH, Karlsruhe. Project Manager LIMS
(Development of a Laboratory Information System for BASF)
1986 - 1988 Commercial employee at JACOM, Heidelberg
1982 - 1986 Research assistant at the Institute of Sociology (EDP station, Prof. Schleth)
1980 - 1986 Study of sociology and politics at the University of Heidelberg
1980 - 1981 Study "Heating with heat pumps, oil, gas and electricity" commissioned by IFEU (SPIEGEL Online: Tinkerers in the Green) and the Stiftung Mittlere Technologie
1977 Co-founding of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) in Heidelberg
1976 - 1980 Study of physics/mathematics (University of Heidelberg)